An open editor for
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OSGEdit is an editor of scenes for the library OpenSceneGraph. It's only a composer, not a modeller. You can use many programs to model your objects and then import them into OSGEdit to compose a complex OSG scene to use in your application.
The Merge menu item was gone from the file menu!
Don't panic, it has been moved to the Add menu, and it is now called Add from file.

How can I manipulate the camera starting from 0.7.0?
It is now easier, you just have to hold left Ctrl button and drag with any of the three mouse buttons. Take into account that the first button (rotate) will only work in the User camera.

Can I run OSGedit on Windows?
Yes! Thanks to Clement Bourdarias, you can now use osgedit also on Windows. Antonio Seoane makes installer packages on each version, which makes it really easy for Win32 users to experience OSGedit.

I want to move some node, but osgedit complains because it's not a transform
Only transform nodes have model matrix transforms, and for this reason, you can only move this type of nodes. You have a tool in the toolbar to insert a MatrixTransform in the tree for some node, allowing you to move this node.

When I select a Geode or a Group, I get 'Nothing to edit' in the properties.
It's normal, do not report it as a bug. Geodes can't be edited because they are pure geometry and you can't model in osgedit. Finally, Groups can't be edited because they have no properties, only childs. Try other nodes and you will be able to edit properties...

I've got a tree built with osgedit, but i don't see how to add the most important piece, my model!
Use the Merge tool (File menu). This is exactly "add a node from file to the selected group".

I don't have OSG installed into /usr/ (/usr/include, /usr/lib, etc.). How can I compile it?
Try something like the following code:
export CPPFLAGS=-I/my_osg_includes_directory
export LDFLAGS=-L/my_osg_libs_directory
I want to compile OSGEdit from the CVS with make, but it complains about a program called scons that is missing.
You need to install SCons in order to compile latest OSGEdit from CVS. It is present in all major Linux distributions, and you can download it directly from here.

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