An open editor for
an open scenegraph

OSGEdit is an editor of scenes for the library OpenSceneGraph. It's only a composer, not a modeller. You can use many programs to model your objects and then import them into OSGEdit to compose a complex OSG scene to use in your application.
3D Models and scenes for use with OSGEdit
Free models: Commercial models: Exporters from modeling packages to OSG: If you know more free/commercial resources that can be used with OSGEdit, let us know, contact the webmaster at ryu<at>gpul<dot>org. Also, take into account that thanks to the lots of plugins available in OSG, OSGEdit can load directly these 3D formats (not all are fully supported, though):
  • .osg (OpenSceneGraph native ASCII format)
  • .ive (OpenSceneGraph native binary format)
  • .3ds (3D Studio Max)
  • .iv .wrl (VRML 95/97)
  • .lwo (Lightwave object)
  • .lws (Lightwave scene)
  • .x (DirectX file format)
  • .ac (AC3D)
  • .dxf (Autodesk DXF)
  • .flt (Open Flight)
  • .txp (TerraPage)
  • .geo (GEO format, see here)
  • .md2 (Quake 2 models)
  • .pfb (Performer binary, only if you have performer installed)
  • .dw (Design workshop, see here)
  • .obj (Wavefront OBJ)
  • .osga (OpenSceneGraph archive)
  • .tgz (models packed in a tgz)
  • .logo (Logo 3D format)
  • .stl (stereolithography format, see here)
  • .trans
  • .zip (Models packed in a ZIP file)
  • .3dc (3DC point cloud)
And the following image formats:
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .bmp
  • .dds (Direct draw surface, supports S3TC compression)
  • .hdr (High dynamic range images)
  • .tiff (and Geotiff) .ecw (through gdal)
  • .gif
  • .tga
  • .pic
  • .pnm
  • .rgb
  • Several movie formats (through libxine)

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