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OSGEdit is an editor of scenes for the library OpenSceneGraph. It's only a composer, not a modeller. You can use many programs to model your objects and then import them into OSGEdit to compose a complex OSG scene to use in your application.
Old News

2006-01-27: Those of you using the CVS snapshot may be a bit confused about the latest posts in the web, because you didn't see all these improvements in your copy of the code 0:-). There was a problem with the automatic CVS snapshots that is fixed now, and until today, the snapshot was unmodified since a lot of months ago. Thanks to Mathias Kolsch for spotting this issue

2005-11-05: Recovered the texture editing capabilities. There is now a TextureUnit that simulates being in the OSG scenegraph and allows showing the texture attributes in the outliner. There are also tools in the 'Set' menu for creating new texture units and 2D textures. Now we are ready for a new release. Please, test it as much as possible before we tag the release.

2005-10-17: OSGEdit now supports GLSL with syntax highlighting. The support is still starting, you can only edit existing shaders, not adding new ones. Moreover, the state sets are now reflected in the outliner tree along with state attributes and of course shaders. Now I'm figuring out how to recover the texture attribute support.

2005-10-12: Several changes commited to the CVS:
  • The core has been modified to allow more than nodes in the outliner tree. Now you will be able, for example, to delete, copy and paste osg::Drawables as with any other node.
  • Tools can be now tagged as persistent, meaning that they are active from the moment that the user choses them until the user choses other persistent tool. This allows automatically to show which tool is active at each moment.
  • Removing state attributes from the StateSet now works, but the current support for statesets may be dropped. I'm planning to put the stateset features inside the outliner also, which should allow for a much more convenient way of editing them.
  • When you change position/rotation/scale dragging in the 3D view, the matrix gets updated to reflect the new values.
  • Dropped all the GNOME code. Now OSGEdit is pure GTK+, which means that it will be easier to maintain (no more syncing of both interfaces) and also that Win32 and OSX users will have always the same features as Linux ones.
Please, test it as much as possible and report bugs here. because it's a very big change of the code and may have introduced new bugs.

2005-08-22: The CVS finally compiles with OSG 0.9.9. The new interface model is almost complete. You should be able to compile and install OSGEdit. The only thing left in the new model are the radio-buttons that are giving some headaches to me. Now all the GNOME code should be gone also. The new release will come as soon as I solve the problem with radio-buttons and some bug with matrix-transform nodes.

2005-06-11: As you can see in the CVS version (not intended for production), there is a new user interface model. Now instead of having one produced by the glade code generator, there is one that is loaded from .glade and .ui files at run-time. It allows me for updating it more easily and allows you to tune the interface to fit your needs.

2005-02-19: I've drawn a new logo using inkscape, I wish that you like it.

2005-02-18: James E.Hopper ended the OSX installer. It's now uploaded, check it out, please. Send any comments or bugs in any of the source or binary packages to the mailing list.

2005-02-16: Antonio Seoane has just ended the Win32 installer of the 0.6.0 version, and it's now uploaded. Check the download section.

2005-02-16: OSGEdit 0.6.0 (aka Orion) is out. The changes in this release include:
  • Auto-commit support for EditableEntities. No more recursive "Apply" buttons :-)
  • Support for osgParticle editing (still not creating).
  • Properties of the objects can now be split visually into tabs, which is more comfortable.
  • The tree expands when the user picks nodes on the screen.
  • Synced with OSG 0.9.8-2
  • Lots of usability fixes.
  • Lots of bug fixes

2005-01-10: A new release is coming. OSGEdit is now ported to OSG 0.9.8. Please, download the latest CVS Snapshot and test it in your system. Report any problem in the mailing list or the bug tracker.

2004-11-14: Added cvs snapshots in the download area. If you can't access by CVS or you don't like it, now you can download a tar.bz2 with the sources, updated every night.

2004-11-03: Improved support for editing object attributes. Now attributes are distributed into several tabs depending on their relationship, avoiding this way large scrolls full of attribs. This feature is still experimental, you can play with it using the latest CVS version.

2004-11-02: OSGEdit starts supporting the edition of the particle systems provided by the osgParticle NodeKit. The code is already committed to CVS and works ok on Linux, but it's still not in the Win32 project files (if anyone want to contribute them, I will be grateful).

2004-08-22: Rudolf Kastl has made OSGEdit 0.5.1 packages for fedora core 2, uploaded at http://newrpms.sunsite.dk

2004-08-22: OSGEdit 0.5.1 (aka Andromeda) is out. This is an overview of the changes (for mor details, see the changelog included within the release):
  • Support for hand-editing transformations by values and visually edit PositionAttitudeTransform.
  • A new tool allows scaling only in one axis.
  • Synced with OpenScenegraph 0.9.7.
  • Tons of bugfixes.

2004-08-15: CVS is synced with OSG 0.9.7. You can now compile OSGEdit against this OpenSceneGraph version. If you have any problem, please, send a bug report or a message to the mailing list.

2003-10-31: OSGEdit 0.5.0 (aka Chamaleon) is out!, It has several bugfixes, support for:
  • fragment programs
  • geometry statesets
  • gtkglext (thanks to Clement Bourdarias)
  • GTK2-only port (Clement Bourdarias)
  • Win32 project files (Stephane)
  • Win32 installer (Antonio Seoane)
  • Ported to OSG 0.9.6-2

2003-10-28: OSGEdit 0.5.0 is near, I've almost finished all the bug fixes that I want to have on it. Clement is working on making OSGEdit compile on Win32, and I will try to keep aspect ratio when resizing the window (before this was done automagically by osg::Camera). After these two changes, I will release 0.5.0.

2003-10-26: Yes, he finally did it! Clement sent to me a patch to have GTK2-only interface in OSGEdit. I've tested it and it works well. Anyone wants to try it on win32 and MacOS? Patches to make it compile on these platforms are welcome!! (although I will try myself on win32 when I get to work ;) I will release soon, but now you will have to use CVS...

2003-10-25: Thanks to Clement Bourdarias, we now have support for both gtkglarea and gtkglext. This is the first step twards a win32 version of OSGEdit. He is preparing now another patch that allow using both GNOME2 and GTK2-only interfaces, which is the second step. Check out the gtkglext code in the CVS version of OSGEdit and send any compilation problem to the list/bug tracker, please.

2003-07-16: OSGEdit 0.4.1 (aka Hydra) is out! Closes all the bugs opened in sourceforge, syncs with OSG 0.9.4, and has some interesting features:
  • Supports osg::Projection and osg::VertexProgram.
  • New properties dialog to setup some defaults (using the GUI engine).
  • EdReference attribute adds support for composite editable entities.

2003-07-14: The support and feature trackers were closed, and help forums will be closed soon, instead, you can use the mailing list to ask your questions, it's easier for me, and you will get a quicker response. By the way, the StateSet editor seems to work well at last, and now only a couple of things remain for the next release.

2003-06-12: Next release of OSGEdit is coming soon. The GUI engine seems to be almost finished. At this moment work is being done in the implementation of an StateSet editor using the new functionalities of the engine. There will be also a properties editor to select some defaults for the GUI, like the type of desired projection, colors, geometry of the grid, etc.

2003-05-05: GUI generation engine has been heavily tested, and it lacks for some features that will be added before the next release. Support has been added for editing StateSet, in CVS, but it's not complete as it needs extending the engine. This extension will allow me to add support for new nodes, and enhace a lot the support of state attributes, in particular, texture attributes. I'm planing also to begin supporting osgParticle, although it could not be for the next release.

2003-04-06: OSGEdit 0.4.0 (aka Draco) is out! This new release has the new GUI generation engine and adds support for lots of new State Attributes, the osg::Sequence node, and improves support in some previously supported nodes. Download this new version and feel free to add support requests for new nodes or state attributes that you need in your projects. Have fun! UPDATE (2) I could upload again the packages and now sourceforge works right, download from there now please.

2003-03-24: Redesign completed! It will take still a bit of time to make a new release as there are still some bugs to fix, but all the previous nodes and state attributes (they were two) are now implemented with the new engine. Moreover, new nodes and state attributes are being implemented. Please checkout the cvs and submit bugs. New release will come as soon as I fix some bugs that I found, and yours...

2003-03-10: Red Hat 8 package. Rudolf Kastl made RH8 packages and uploaded at http://newrpms.sunsite.dk. Thanks Rudolf! Moreover, the redesign is almost finished, when I end implementing the osg wrappers for automatic GUI generation, there will be a new release. I'm not commiting to CVS because it's not completely usable yet.

2003-02-11: Redesign! We are redesigning the properties editor to build up a very flexible engine which will allow rapid development of properties editors for the different OSG object types... I'm thinking also in a GTK2-only osgedit version which would allow to compile osgedit in MS Windows, but for now it's only that, a thought. Both things are related as the GNOME2 widgets are used almost only in the properties editors right now...

2003-01-28: 0.3.1 released. I forgot to update the homepage 0:-) This release is mostly a bugfix release but is also synced with OSG 0.9.3 and has some key bindings...

2002-11-13: 0.3.0 released! These are the new features:
  • Synced with OSG 0.9.2
  • Orbit button to rotate the camera
  • Rotations use parent transformation
  • Implemented Save and Save as
  • Switch between orthogonal and perspective views
  • Selections now are shown in a more elegant way (check yourself ;)
  • The new osg::Shapes are supported!!
  • Mouse selection!! Now you can select the nodes in the 3D view!!!
  • Added center-the-selection tool
  • Ported to gcc 3.2

2002-11-05: The new release is coming soon, there are lots of new features, some usability improvements, and more. I'm waiting for OSG 0.9.2 (which should come this week) to release it.
2002-09-13: 0.2.2 released with support for OSG 0.9.1, showing selections in the screen, allowing texture editing, and some other improvements.
2002-08-08: 0.2.0 released with new software design and more OSG nodes supported.
2002-08-02: 0.1.1 released. Some new features.
2002-07-30: 0.1.0 released. This is first public release.

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